About the Company

iEntertainment Network Inc., (IENT) is a game developer and publisher of online, mobile, and PC/Mac games. IENT staff has developed more than 500 successful games since 1982 starting at MicroProse Software, which IENT CEO, JW Bill Stealey, founded with Sid Meier. Many of these games have sold more than 1,000,000 copies - including the world-famous Civilization, F-15 Strike Eagle, Gunship, WarBirds, and more. IENT, headquartered in Cary, NC., started as Interactive Magic in 1995, grew rapidly in its early years to over $23 million in annual sales, and went public in 1998.

The company was sold to investors in 1999. After an unsuccessful tenure, the investors left, and founder JW Stealey returned to revitalize the company. IENT has now cleaned its balance sheets, written new games, signed contracts with significant Media Partners and is now poised to grow again.

IENT current product line includes the world-famous World War II Combat Flight Simulation, WarBirds, a WarBirds Fighter Pilot Academy mobile game for iOS, a series of Bow Hunting mobile games, (Bow Hunter 2017), and retail games Dogfights, M4 Tank Brigade, Dawn of Aces, and more. IENT intends to release a series of new mobile and online games for its Media Partners in 2018 and beyond.

Leadership Team

JW “Bill” Stealey – CEO and Founder/IENT – Bill is an Air Force Academy Graduate, Wharton - University of Pennsylvania, MBA, former McKinsey and Co. consultant, Command Pilot, and retired Lt. Colonel, USAF. He founded MicroProse Software in 1982 with Sid Meier, author of Civilization. He grew MicroProse to over $43 million in annual revenues in 10 years and took the company public in 1991 with a $500 million valuation. Bill was also the Founder and CEO of Interactive Magic (1994-1999) and returned in early 2000’s to revitalize the company as IENT. He grew Interactive Magic to over $23 million in annual revenues in three years, and took the company public in 1998 at a $350 million valuation.

David Terry - CFO - David has over 35 years of Capital Markets experience. David was Founder and Managing Director of the Private Finance Group at First Union Corporation and Interstate Johnson Lane (both now Wells Fargo). He has served as CEO and CFO of several private companies. He was also appointed Director of Development of The Library of Congress under George W. Bush's administration.

Chris Gray – Development Leader, - Chris is a 30-year veteran of the video game industry, beginning as the co-creator of the industry classic “Boulder Dash” game in the 1980’s. Chris founded Gray Matter software in the 1990’s and then served 10 years as VP & Executive Producer at Electronic Arts. Chris has lead game teams as large as 150 people, on virtually every significant game platform of the past three decades.

Steve Wall – Business Development Professional, - Steve is a 30-year industry veteran, having founded or co-founded multiple game companies, including Strategy First, in 1991. As President of multiple publishers, Steve has overseen the launch of over 600 games including from companies such as Wargaming.net, Paradox Interactive, Starbreeze, Techland, Slitherine.

Jeff Peters – Digital Media Expert, - Jeff is a 25+ year industry veteran, and has successfully designed, developed and launched many successful products on all major platforms. Jeff has founded multiple successful companies including the industry staple “Electronic Gaming Monthly” (EGM) in the 1980’s. Most recently Jeff served almost 10 years at industry leader Electronic Arts as Studio Director and Executive Producer and has been recently featured by SyFy Games as part of their ICON series for overall contributions to the industry.

John Jones Steele – Software Developer, Consultant, JJ is an engineering genius with over 35 years of game development experience who worked for JW Stealey at his previous company, MicroProse Software, as a contractor. Currently CTO at West Coast Software in Wales, UK. Converted IENT’s massive multiplayer code base to IOS in record time.

Dan Hammer - Lead Simulation Developer, - Game Development, Server Management, Database management, 20-year game operations management and development experience. Designed, developed, and managed the release of most of the current lineup of simulation products.

About the Game

Bow Hunter games are mobile game simulations for iOS and Android devices of Deer Hunting by Bow in the four section of the United States. Bow Hunter 2017are hunts in North West and South West States of the USA. Bow Hunter 2016 and 2015 take place in Eastern part of USA. Bow Hunter 2017 East and West are upgraded versions of the original Bow Hunter games.

Players can hunt from Tree Stands or by Stalking through detailed 3D terrains using all the techniques of real bow hunting including scents, calls, camouflage, special arrows, optics, and the bows of the player's choice. The deer in the simulation are easily spooked and will run quickly from the hunter if the hunter does not use the proper hunting techniques. The simulation contains over 160 hunts, with increasing difficulty, requiring better and better equipment, techniques, and hunting expertise.

Players can also qualify for monthly tournaments against other hunting enthusiasts to win real world prizes like Gift Cards to their favorite outdoor retailer, bows, arrows, and other bow hunting accessories.

How To Play

To play BowHunter2017 you need to try the tutorial in the game. Read each of the highlighted text boxes, press the control the tutorial points for you to press, and complete the tutorial.

You can replay the tutorial over and over again from the main title screen in the game where you see the two hunters and the START button. The main controls are the left and right joysticks. The Left joystick allows the player to move forward and back and left and right along the terrain. It is a walking/stalking pace.

The Right Joystick allows the player to turn left or right and to raise or lower the view and the aim when in the raised bow position. There is a speed button to the bottom left of the right joystick that allows the player to turn around faster by pressing the button for 2X and 4x times normal rotation speed. This faster rotation automatically reverts to 1X in 5 seconds if the player does not turn the faster rotation off before by click the rotation speed button again.

You do NOT move the view or the hunter by sliding your figure along the main screen. YOU MUST USE THE LEFT AND RIGHT JOYSTICKS FOR AIM AND PLAYER MOVEMENT! The objective of each hunt is in the Hunt Screen that shows what the player must do to complete the Hunt. While you may get a kill in a hunt, that may not have been the objective of the hunt.

Some objectives are:

  1. Kill one deer for Venison

  2. Kill one deer for a Trophy mount. (Do not hit the Head or Neck or hunt not complete even with a kil).

  3. Kill one 6+ point Buck. (There are different point bucks and doe in most hunts. You must find the right buck to kill to complete this hunt.)

  4. Kill one deer with a Heart shot. (If you kill a deer with multiple arrows, not in the hunt objective, you do not complete this hunt.

  5. Kill two deer. (One does not complete the hunt.)

You will get a message at the end of the hunt telling you if you completed the hunt or not and you will be able to see if you accomplished the hunt objectives or not.

On this Summary Screen you will also see what OBucks (in game currency to buy more equipment) you earned, what XP (experience points), you earned, and what additional XP you need to gain the next hunt level badge. (These badges are like rank in a military organization.)

The Basic controls in the BowHunter2017 game outside of the Left and Right Joysticks are:

  1. Left side of the Hunt Screen

    • On the left of the Hunt Screen above the Left Joystick is the Draw icon. Press this to raise or lower you bow to the firing position.

    • To the right of the Draw Icon is the shoot icon that only shows when the Bow is raised into the shooting position. Press this icon to release your arrow. This icon also has a number on it that shows how many arrows you have in your quiver.

    • Above the Draw Icon is the wind indicator with speed. You need to take into account wind speed and direction to get a good shot.

    • Above the Draw icon is the mini map. It is not precise but gives general indication of the direction to deer. When the arrow heads show on the map, that indicates a deer in that direction but outside of 200 yards, the radius of the mini map screen. A round red dot for deer position shows when the deer is within 200 yards.

  2. Right side of the screen above the Aim Joystick.

    • Thermal- Allows you to see the heart and lungs for a shot requiring a heart or lung shot.

    • Infrared – used in a dusk or dawn hunt with low sunlight to lighten entire scene.

    • Range Finder – when you see the icon for a deer on the mini map, you can click on the Range Finder, and zoom in on the area you expect to see a white tail deer in.

      • The better the range finder the better the accuracy of the range.

      • Accurate Range will allow you to be a better shoot with each bow and arrow combination.

    • Pause/Skip Hunt – you can pause play or if you are frustrated that you cannot complete this hunt you can press SKIPE this Hunt button and go back to the Hunt page as if you completed the hunt.

    • Time Remaining

  3. Middle of the top of the Hunt Screen is the Objective of the Hunt. If you do not get the objective as described in the words in the Objective Box, you will have to either try the mission again or press the SKIP this Hunt button on the results screen.

  4. Middle of the bottom of the screen are the Salt and Corn buttons.

    • Using Salt and Corn, by clicking on the icons, can sometimes make the deer come closer to the TreeStand. They are not available in a Stalking Hunt.

    • You may be given the opportunity to buy more Salt or Corn if you press on the icon and have none in inventory.

  5. One the Hunt Screen there also will be options to buying more Arrows, more Hunt time, more Salt, More Corn, more Batteries for your Range Finder or Infrared devices, (used in dusk or dawn hunts in low sunlight).

    • You can buy these items by using your OBucks or Gold. Prices are shown on the purchase screen.

  6. Pro Shop

    • In the Pro Shop you can purchase new and more powerful bows, arrows, quivers, stabilizers, and other hunting accessories.

      • If you click on a certain item in the Pro Shop it will give you a description of the power, the accuracy, the weight, and other specifications to help you choose the best combinations of bow, arrows, sights, stabilizers, to use in your bow hunting challenges. It is up to you to decide what is best for you.

    • Just click on the category you want to look at, scroll down through the options, and use your OBucks or Gold to purchase the item.

    • You can also change the look of your hunter in facial features or camouflage clothing. The better the camo the closer you can come to the deer without spooking the deer.

    • In the Pro Shop you can also see your OBucks and Gold totals, your energy, your game accomplishment level, (level badge displayed in the top left of the Pro Shop Screen), and add more funds to your in game account.

      • Click on the Bank Button to add funds.

      • Click on the + in the top right of the screen to also go to the bank.

  7. BowHunter2017 Objectives.

    • The BowHunter2017 game when complete will contain over 120 individual hunts in four regions, American West and American East

    • Each of these regions will have deer native to those regions.

    • As you progress through the regions the hunts will become more and more challenging, with more skittish deer, deer farther away, larger deer, etc.

    • We want to make the hunts more challenging so you will be ready for our Prize Tournaments.

  8. Tournaments for Real Prizes.

    • BowHunter2017 will hold monthly Tournaments starting in May 2015 for real prizes like Gift Cards to your favorite outdoor retailer, real bows, real arrows etc.

    • You will have to qualify and be in the top 100 bow hunters for the month to qualify for FREE to enter the Tournaments.

    • Others can purchase a spot in the Tournaments with their OBucks or Gold.

    • Tournament Dates and qualifications may change and will be described and reported on the www.BowHunter2017.com website.

If you have any issues you can email us at BowHunter2017@ient.com or Custsvc@ient.com or call our phone on 919-238-4090.

Happy Hunting!